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Don't Dream it....Do it !


Two's Company!

You can make a Tandem Skydive at any one of 24 locations through the UK with Skydive Zone.

On your arrival at the parachute centre you will be met by friendly staff and given a briefing by an instructor, which will include information on the parachute equipment, exiting the aircraft and the body position you'll adopt in freefall.

Once briefed you will be kitted out with a jump suit, helmet, goggles and fitted with a harness. When it is your turn, your instructor will take you out to the aircraft. Before take-off your harness will be very securely attached to your instructor following which you will enjoy a very pleasant flight climbing to an altitude of up to 13,500 feet. Your instructor will then exit the aircraft immediately releasing a small parachute which effectively slows down your rate of descent, allowing a video cameraman (should you request one) to fly with you at the same speed, whilst filming your skydive. After flying through the air (freefall) at up to 120 mph for some 40 seconds.

Your instructor will deploy the parachute, which is specially designed to carry the combined weights of two people. This will occur at 5,500 feet from which you will enjoy a comparatively slow drift down to earth whilst enjoying the most magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. Just before landing, your instructor will ask you to raise your knees to allow them to control your landing bringing you both safely down to a gentle landing. All tandem instructors are highly qualified to BPA standards and are very experienced.

If you have decided to purchase a video of your jump then the rough footage taken will be professionally edited and set to exciting accompanying music providing you with a long lasting memory.



The Tandem Skydive is by far the best and easiest way to experience the thrill of skydiving. You'll get to experience the 120MPH freefall but without having had to attend hours of lessons. The instructor will take care of the exit, freefall, canopy deployment and landing.

All you need to do is enjoy it, adopt a body position & smile!

The majority of charity jumpers opt for the tandem method. You can jump in higher wind speeds than you could if you choose to jump on your own; this is because you have an experienced instructor securely attached to you.


You can book a tandem skydive right now online using our registration form.